WereWolf - Creative Essay

The boy drew haggared breaths while hopelessly stumbling through the
dark and forbidding forest. With a panic stricken face that spoke of
desperation, the exhausted boy glanced behind him, to check for any sign of
pursuit. He had been running and fleeing that thing for what seemed like
hours. Overhead, the moon was bright and full, casting a pale yellowy
light over the forest. It could have been nice to gaze at, but the boy had
no such time. Heavy crashing footsteps sounded all too near. Then again
that dreadfull unatural howl. The piercing cry echoed through the silent
woods chilling the boy to the bones!

With a frightened yelp, the boy continued his flight for safety. But
no matter how far he ran, how hard he tried, the thing, the hunter was
always only a few paces behind, pursuing relentlessly. The boy\'s clothes
was torn and bloody, hanging in strips from his bruised body. Shurbs with
thorny stems and low hanging branches slowed his escape, cutting him and
barring his way. Making him more desperate, adding to his weariness. His
lungs were burning, he was out of breath, the boy wanted to give up, his
legs however denied him. They continued moving and running. His body was
fatigued, his head ached, his muscles throbbed. Pain, his body cried out
Pain, stop! He could not stop.

It was gaining, only a few inches! Soon blood would be spilled!
Blood will be spilled to appease the appetite of the beast! With powerfull
hind legs, it lunged at it\'s prey from behind. Hands outstreached, claws
grasping! A scream, his first and last emmanated from his throat before he
fell victim to the predator!

Tommy awoke disoriented and terrified, he shook his head, to discard
any resudue from his nightmare. He was bathed in cold sweat. Gasping for
air, and trembling from the aftershock of his nighmare, he groped his way
to the bathroom. Splashing cool water on his face, he tried to convince
himself that it was only a dream. That it wasn\'t real. But it had all seem
so vivid and real. If this was the first time it happened, Tommy could
have have handled it. But this same nightmare had plagued him ever since
the terrible accident! Night after night, time and time again, the same
terrible dream. Why does\'nt it stop? Why does it keep happening? Tommy
inhaled and exhaled deeply, hoping to calm his nerves.

Finally able to steady his shaking form, he went back to his bed.
Just face your fear, he told himself. It\'s all in the mind. Control it
and it\'ll go away. He did\'nt believe any of this however, he was scared,
frightened to death. Tommy sat down on his bed and stared at the wall. He
dared not close his eyes again, at least not tonight. No more sleep. He
tried to think of happy things, nice things. Like the time he went over to
his aunt\'s house for a party, or when his dad bought him a bike for his
birthday. He tried to forget his nighmare.

A cool breeze blew in from the open window, helping Tommy to relax.
After a while his eyelids started to droop. His conciousness faded.
Despite Tommy\'s fear, his exhaustion weighted more heavily on him. He had
had a long day at school. Soon sleep claimed the little boy, though his
mind was anything but at rest. For slowly that same dream, that frightening
nightmare began to unwind itself inside of Tommy\'s mind. The beast... The
forest... The moon... The howl... The boy tossed in his sleep and moaned!

"No!", a sream sounded upstairs. Downstairs in the master bed room,
John, sat bolt upright and looked around the darkened room, "What the...",
he exclaimed, still dizzy from sleep. Lisa, on the other half of the
matress got out of bed and put on her slipper. "John it\'s Tommy again, I\'ll
be back soon." "Don\'t tell me, he\'s having those nightmares again.", he
complained, rubbing his eyes to clear away the sleep. "John", his wife
lectured in a sharp tone, "He\'s just a little boy, little boys have
nightmares. I have to go and calm him down. Do you remember what happened
last time?" "I remember", John replied, chagrined, he knew his wife was
right, it was just that he was grumpy whenever he was awoken suddenly. "He
was crying and everything", John recalled, "But Lis, this has been
happening every night now for months. Don\'t you think we should take Tommy
to a doctor or something?"