The Pearl: Notes Chapter 3

1. Priest-he thought of the repairs the church needed, and wondered if he
had baptized Coyotito, in if he had married Kino and Juana.
Shopkeepers-They thought about men's clothing that had not sold well.
Doctor-he thought of Paris, and the things he would have their Beggars-they
were happy, because they knew the best "alms giver" was a person who had
sudden luck.

2. It prepared us to find out not only that everyone in the town knew, but
most people in the town planned to gain from the discovery of the pearl.

3. Kino planned to use the pearl to: be married in the church, get his
family knew clothing, get an iron harpoon, get a rifle, and to send
Coyotito to school to learn to read. The one if these items that would
least affect Kino's lifestyle was the harpoon. He once had one, and other
Indians also probably had them. Its material was, for the most part,

4. The priest treats the Indians like children. Kino does not trust the
priest since he is European, and because the priest wanted the money from
the pearl. The priest suggested that Kino think first of the church in
spending his money.

5. The doctor comes to Kino's home to make it appear as though he saved
Coyotito so he could get a piece of what Kino got for the Pearl. Kino
despises the doctor. He would rather kill him than speak with him, let
alone invite the doctor into his own home. The neighbors believe the
doctors motives to be what they truly are: to take advantage of Kino.


7. The Pearl separated Kino from his neighbors and his caste. After Kino
found the pearl his neighbors wished to take it from him, while before,
they did not really care, as he was one of them.

8. By the end of the chapter Juana hates the pearl and believes it to be
evil, and wishes it to be destroyed.