The Pearl: Notes Chapter 2

The Pearl Study Guide questions, Chapter 2

1. The people learned not believe their eyes, because they could not
tell what was really there. They expected all places to be like this.

2. Kino's canoe was old and water proof. It was a family heirloom. Kino's
pride in the boat was acceptable because not only is it an heirloom,
it represents his living, and it is part of the family.

3. Juana is dissatisfied by her own method because it was free and lacked
the doctor's authority. Juana's reaction to the appearance of the scorpion
was fear for her first born. Then, after the sting, she wanted to take
Coyotito to the doctor. He would not treat it.
This demonstrated not only a war between culture's, but a war between
social classes. If the baby were white or the parents well paid, but
lacking immediate money, the doctor would have probably treated it.

4. The beat of the song is his heartbeat. The melody is the passing
sea life. Such a song might be useful because it would warn Kino of
approaching life and also warn him of when he is reaching the end of
his oxygen supply.

5. Kino was very happy about finding the pearl. He thought he could
be rich. It is ironic that he hated what he wanted to become. Their
is a conflict of interest between staying with his culture, or breaking
free and trying to change his social class.

6. Kino's mind created dreams in the pearl of what it could bring him,
just as he heard the songs. He believed the pearl could fulfill his