The Lord of The Flies: Personal Reflections

Journal I

If I were among the boys on the island I would vote for Piggy as leader.
Although he is not one of the bigger boys, and seems to be put down all the
time, I think that he is the smartest. He would be able to think of ways to
be saved.

The problem with having Piggy chosen as leader is that he is smaller,
and is similar to an outcast. His ideas would not be taken seriously
because of his age and size. If the bigger boys were to disagree with one
of Piggy\'s ideas, they may take control, and cause corruption among the

I would not pick Ralph, because he seems as though he does not put much
though into what he is doing. He also seems to be influenced easily by
Piggy. Although his strength and age over- powers the others, Piggy\'s
intelligence is by far greater than Ralph\'s.

Jack is similar to Ralph in his strength, but seems to have a totally
different point about survival on the island. His points focus on the fact
that they are going to stay there for a while, and need to hunt.

Simon is different than the others. He seems to have some common sense,
but does not speak up. He is also one of the bigger kids, but does not have
enough self confidence in himself to become a leader.

Overall Piggy would make an excellent leader, but his appearance and age
would make the others questions his orders. Journal II

Living on the island was an inner battle. Other boys on the island found
it hard to obey my orders. One of the bigger boys, Jack, formed a hunting

One day they went out on one of their trips searching for pig meat for
the rest of us to eat. They took a while, and during their time gone, a
ship was spotted off the coast of the island. All the kids became happy,
knowing that they were going to be rescued. Even though the boat was
nearing the island, something didn\'t feel right. It wasn\'t turning in any
way to our fire that we built to signal the boat down. I then though for a
moment and looked back to notice that the fire was out.

Once Jack returned, all happy of his findings, I began to question him
about the fire. After he told him that he put out the fire, I lost my mind.
Anger and frustration filled my body. I was thinking of attacking him, but
realized that as leader of the group I could not loose spirit of us being

The decision on what we were going to do was a tough one, as all of the
little kids became frightened of not being rescued. My decision was to
start the fire once more, and build up the other\'s spirits of being found.

Journal IV

Reflection: If the boys were girls

If the boys on the island were girls, I think that they would have not
survived as long as the boys did. They probably would not have had as many
conflicts with each other, but still there wouldn\'t be anyone to hunt for
food, nor anyone to make shelters. Disadvantages

The girls once finding each other upon the island would be more
disorganized. Once hearing of the beast, all would probably not be brave
enough to face such a monster. The attitudes of some of the younger
children in the novel would probably be similar to the girls, this being
that they would cry and put no effort into making fires, and building

As girls are not as much equipped to camping, and living an outdoors
style of life, they would be farther behind on making fires, and building
shelters. Their strength and other physical abilities would be much slower
than the boys.


Girls tend to stick together when working. This would be a great
advantage over the boys. They would not kill each other, as Jack and Roger
did to Piggy, and almost to Ralph. They would be more open with ideas, as
they gossip more than boys. This would allow more ideas and thus lead to
different possibilities.

Throughout the story, Jack and the other hunter\'s display cruelty to
forms of life. Girls would probably not accept this, and would therefore be
in not as much trouble.

In all, I think that the girls would not have been saved as fast the