The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It is a book of adventure. While reading it, I got the
sense that before it was written into a book, it was a Role Playing Game,
and the Games Master had played the adventure, liked how his players had
conducted the adventure, and wrote it into a book. In this way it relates
to my topic heavily, as it IS a Role Playing Game. In another way it
doesn't relate to RPG's at all because it's a book, and not a game. But it
relates to my topic in one pure sense - it's an adventure. All RPG's are

The story begins as one Askar-Ben-Oba, son of the chief of the Wolf
Nomads, must travel through a continent to marry his betrothed, one Maria
Griswalda. Askar does not want to marry Maria, but he must. His tribe,
the Wolf Nomads, was once a proud and happy race. They fought numerous
battles and won the battles and also the fear and respect of their allies.
But over time, they had softened. The Spider Queen, an undead creature,
had the plan to take over all of the Yeomanry. The Yeomanry is where the
story takes place, and is a huge continent where many different races and
cultures live (like Asia and Africa put together with some aliens and snow
thrown in.) the Spider Queen had the notion of destroying all this good for
her own, and turning it into her black domain. She did. She casted a
spell which made a huge black bubble. It spread like a plague and grew for
leagues in every direction. Anything that entered this bubble never came
out. The Spider Queen threw her min orcs, demons, kobolds, etc. into this
bubble to plunder and destroy. This she did successfully.

But one person would not take this sitting down. While the Wold
Nomads, who were far away and too far to really receive the effects of this
bubble, rested their haunches and became couch potatoes, one Kathryn
Fern-Cliffe, daughter of King Buncombe the Green. Kathryn had the will and
the need to destroy the Spider Queen. This she did, with the help of a
magical gem, the Eye of Tiros. Kathryn used the magic power within the eye
to destroy the Spider Queen. Once she was destroyed, life became normal in
the Yeomanry. Kathryn also had the job of rebuilding the destruction of the
Spider Queen.

But while the Wolf Nomads were deteriorating, and Kathryn rebuilding,
Kranoch, a king of a region in the Yeomanry, was plotting revenge on
Kathryn. Her father had blinded Kranoch by an arrow while on an assault
raid, and Kranoch wanted revenge. Kranoch gathered his armies and the left
over minions of the Spider Queen, and made an army powerful enough to
destroy Kathryn and her region of Sterich. Kranoch also wanted the Eye of
Tiros, the magical gem, which he thought would cure his blindness. With
this as his main driving force, he went on a rampage.

Back to the Wolf Nomads for a moment. The Wolf Nomads were quickly
deteriorating. Askar-Ben-Oba, the son of the chief, was to marry Maria
Griswalda, the daughter of a wealthy Nomad who had gone to Sterich and made
a fortune. Maria's sizeable dowry was badly needed to fund the Wolf Nomads
in their daily lives and to rebuild themselves into the powerful tribe they
once were.

The story all comes together as Askar sets out on his journey to
Sterich to marry Maria. On his journey, the Eye of Tiros is stolen, and he
is framed as the thief when he sits in a seedy bar. The bar "patrons" found
Askar as the dupe and framed him with the crime. Askar is punished,
searched, and found innocent. But he does not get away with the theft
cleanly, as he is still the prime suspect. Askar gets an iron collar fit
around his neck, with a magic spell on it. The spell makes the collar
around his neck shrink a little every day, so eventually it will strangle
him. His only escape is to find the Eye of Tiros so the collar can be

Askar knows his only way to survive is by finding the Eye. This he
sets out to do. But during his quest, he gets captured by Sea Pirates,
meets up with a dwarf with a flying ship, and eventually reaches Kathryn in
her quest to find the Eye of Tiros.

The Eye is wanted not only by Kathryn,