Revolution of 1800

The Revolution of 1800 was monumental in the
development of the United States as a nation. It proved to other
nations that the republican experiment began by the
revolutionary seed of independence could not only thrive, but
succeed. In the fierce political battles of Adam\'s term this
orderly exchange of power seemed impossible to ever achieve but
this election proved all the skeptics wrong.
The Revolution of 1800 was so named by the winner of the
1800 election, Thomas Jefferson. He called this election a
revolution because his party, the Republicans, peacefully and
orderly received the power with nothing but acceptance by the
federalists. This was how the founding fathers designed the
government to be. It was revolutionary for America because this
was not even achieved in England until a full generation later
and this country was only a little over 20 years old. Other
countries began to look up to a respect, maybe even copy the
advances that this democracy was making.
There were fierce political battles during Washington\'s and
Adam\'s terms as president and it seemed that if the balance of
power was changed that the upset party would rebel. This election
obviously quieted any fears of rebellion and symbolized that all
the people in America respected and honored the wishes of other
Americans and of the government.
The Revolution of 1800 clearly was an omen for the continued
success and growth of the United States of America.