Paradise Lost: Connections Still Used Today

"Put that down... NOW!" As many of us have grown older, familiar
phrases return to us that were instilled during our childhood. These ideas
taught us how to grow and learn within the world. Just As our Parents
taught us these words, God taught Satan and everyone under him ideas for
their further growth and enrichment. "Paradise Lost" contains connections
which are still used today. "Paradise Lost\'s" initial connections begin
with the awesome power of God. Another connection states Satan being the
root of all evil. The final connection refers to the forgiveness of God.
Paradise Lost\'s ideas and connections have been in use since this epic poem
has been written.

The initial idea of "Paradise Lost" states that God is all powerful.
God\'s supreme power is shown throughout "Paradise Lost": "Him [Satan] the
Almighty Power Hurled headlong flaming from the etherneal[sp.] sky" by God
is only one example of God\'s supreme power. Satan even admits to God\'s
almighty power - "I now of force believe almighty, since no less than such
could have o\'erpowered such force as ours." - after losing an entire battle
force of Angels to him. God being all powerful is evident within the
Catholic and many other faiths as they pray for his power to extend unto
themselves. The power of God helps to stir within all, Catholics
especially, a feeling of strength. This strength comes from knowing God
shares his power among each of us. His power is shared amongst us because
we do not doubt him or tempt him, as Satan did. As Satan witnessed
firsthand, many people dare not risk angering God to his fullest extent.

Another idea of "Paradise Lost" states that Satan is the root of all
the evil in the world. John Milton shows this idea in several places
within the story. For example, "The infernal Serpent; whose guile, stirred
up with envy and revenge, deceived The mother of mankind..." enlightens us
on what started this war by Satan - greed. "While he sought evil to
others" displays the evil rooted within Satan. Even today, we follow these
ideas about Satan being the root of all evil. This evil force in most
cases is Satan. Satan has been despised since the dawn of time and has
always been looked down upon by the higher communities for his type of evil
force he emits.

The final idea of "Paradise Lost" is that the God refers to himself as
being forgiving. God did not simply kill Satan, his "mind and spirit
remains invincible". Where God\'s awesome power is shown to have wiped
Satan out, his forgiving nature helped Satan survive. This is the heart of
many religions or faiths today, that God forgives us all. The fact that
God forgives our sins and helps us to continue by not killing us as was his
choice with Satan, proves this. Satan\'s sins also reinforces our Christian
ideas that God will forgive us, no matter what crime we commit against him
(or others). God is truly a forgiving being.

"Paradise Lost" has provided insight and ideas that have been followed
and continued for hundreds of years. The basic ideas of God
have been placed as examples for this poem. We learn to be kind to God,
yet not fall within Satan\'s clutches ... yet God will forgive us if the
evil catches up with us. This can only done by one almighty power, God.