Nightmare on Elm Street - The Dead of Night

Robin lay down on her pillow, intent on getting a good nights
sleep. She did not get her wish. In her dream, she was in a park, calm
as ever. In a moment, a cat walked out from some bushes; probably a stray.
She bent down to pet it, and it nudged her leg lightly with its head. She
noticed something strange about the cat. On one paw, was a miniature
glove, with blades sticking out. It took a swipe at her arm, and it drew
blood. She pushed the cat away, and started to walk away. Looking, back,
she noticed the cat was now wearing a dirty brown hat. It was following
her. She quickened her pace, and so did the cat. The cat rose on all
fours, and fur began to fall off, as it grew in size. When she looked
back, it was no longer a cat, but a grotesque man wearing a striped red and
green shirt. "Time for the cat to eat little Robin!" He snickered, and
grinned an evil grin.
She started to run, but the madman was quick to chase her. She
suddenly heard in the distance what sounded like a firebell ringing. She
closed her eyes, to scared to look. All sound subsided, except for the
bell. She dared a peek through her eyes, to see her bedroom. She was
safe, at least for now.
Her mother opened the door, slowly. She smiled and said, "So,
you\'re awake, sleepyhead. Listen, Julie is here, time for school, summer
vacation\'s over."
As her mother left, she got out of bed. She got out from her
covers, and she noticed a few small scrapes on her leg. She thought that
she must have cut herself on the way home the day before. She quickly got
dressed, and walked out the front door. Julie was standing in front of her
car, a gift for her last birthday. Robin hopped in Julie\'s new car. "I had
the weirdest dream last night. There was this cat. It tried to kill me. It
had this little razored glove on one paw. I started walking away, and it,
like followed me. Then it turned into this ugly guy. It was really weird.
But the strange thing is... the cat scratched me on my leg. When I woke
up, I saw the same kinda scratches."
"Hmm.. That is weird. I don\'t usually remember my dreams." Julie
replied. At that moment, they pulled up to the school driveway. "Well,
here we are!" she exclaimed.
"First day of school and I\'m already sick of it." she sighed.
"School is such a drag."
"Well, it\'s a new school for you, so maybe you\'ll like it..I\'ll
introduce you to a few of my friends from last year."
Later, inside the school building, just before the bell rang, Julie
met up with a group of people.
"Everybody, this is Robin, Robin, this is Mark," she gestured to a
cute, tall boy with dirty brown hair.
"...Peter," this time to a tall, black haired boy, with slightly
long hair. He bowed slightly.
"...Kelly," a blond, blue eyed, thin person who seemed to be
"...Mike," an oriental with black hair, wearing glasses.
"...and Tracy," a slender girl with long red hair.
Mike smiled, "We\'re all in the same class.. Me and Peter broke into
the computer files."
As the bell rang, there was a stampede of people running for their
classes. They were right outside their\'s. They walked inside, and sat in
their seats. The next person to walk into the door, was a pretty lonely
looking girl with brown hair. She timidly asked, "Is this room 104?"
Mark turned around to look at her, "Yeah, sure is, have a seat,
anywhere." To Kelly he whispered, "Hey, she\'s kind of cute. She must be
new here. Introduce yourself,"
The new girl sat in a seat near Mark, but not too close. The day
passed uneventfully until the seventh period, where a bored Julie fell
asleep in class. She apparently woke up less than a second later, where
the class seemed to be empty, except for the teacher, who was scribbling on
the board. In a calm voice, the teacher said, "Now now Julie, you know
from last year that sleeping in class means immediate detention. Start
writing on the board, \'I will always listen to Mr. Freddy.\' 5 billion
times." The teacher turned around. He was wearing a striped sweater, and