My Truck

My truck got me into a lot of trouble. I had a lot of
trouble with my brother. He took my cars and trucks to play
with when ever he could. Apparently he thought the green truck
was as fascinating as I did. He loved to play with my green
truck as much as I did. This was the truck that he took a lot.
That green pick-up truck got me into some fights with my brother
and caused the trouble I got into.
Playing with my truck also lead to trouble with my mother.
I had hundreds of blocks set up around my room as roads. I
didn\'t see it as a big problem. But, when my mom comes in to
vacuum, she has to remove my blocks. I Hated This!!! Now, six
yeard laterI can see her point; my room would not get vacuumed
for month at a time. I would come home from school and find my
room clean and vacuumed!! When I saw what had happened to my
blocks I got mad, I wouldn\'t eat dinner that night. The next
time I refused to let her move them and I got into a lot of
tantrums over this. My mom tried to draw the positioning of the
blocks onto graph paper, so she could put them back later, but it
did not work out. The trucks and the blocks just continued to
get me into trouble.
My windows would be open in the summer, we didn\'t have air
conditioning, and it was very windy. My door would slam in the
night. The rest of the family would not get any sleep. So, my
mom came in to close the windows a little and she would kick over
my blocks and cars. In the morning, I woke up ot see how muck
damage was done. My blocks were skattered, and some times my
little plastic micro machine cars would me broken. If you know
about to toy cars, once the axle is bent from being stepped on,
or being turned, the wheels don\'t turn. But not my green pick
up truck. It was made of metal and had very strong axles.
I would make roads with my wooden blocks and scoot cars on
top of the roads. I also had some stop signs that I would place
where the roads would meet. I had a cut-out piece of blue felt
that I used as a lake. Now, when you have a lot of cars that
you set up on roads that go all of the way around your room,
you can only move one or two cars at a time. The car that I
played with the most was my truck.