Lord of the Flies: Creative Story

Our boy scout troop was on a white river rafting trip when the boat
went off course in foggy, hazy, and wet weather. The leader of the scouts
fell off into the sea with no hope of revival. Now the boys are stranded
on a deserted island. Suddenly the troop of scouts turn to me for help.

I start saying, "First, we all need to make tents to sleep in so
everyone would have there own privacy and shelter. Next, to make some
bonfires for warmth and in hopes of passing ships seeing it. I will send
out a bunch of people to find food, good sleeping grounds, and high hills
good for fires. Then set up posts so that people could watch out for
passing ships. We can ration the food and everyone's belongings because
there's no telling how long we all could be stranded. Everyone who has
glasses, take out your lenses to facilitate starting fires. Pig, fish, and
whatever else anybody can salvage off this deserted island will be divided
up equally so everyone has a fair share. Anybody who violates any 'rule'
will simply not receive their fair share. Each of the 9 adults is in
charge of the welfare of 4 little scouts. The purpose of this is so that
the little ones become more effective at the work on the island and that
they're safe with an older person watching."

By dealing with current circumstances such as hunger and shelter, as
well as looking at the long term of taking precautions to be rescued, I
feel we have taken full advantage of the situation and dealt with it in the
most logical situation.