I Was With ______ When ......

Chapter I

I was with george in a small town that afternoon. We were playing
horseshoes and we were betting on them horseshoes. As George leaned over
the bench shot a glanceat me and said "Watch 'ya plannin' on doin'
afterwards..." i told him i was going to hike over to the bunk house and
have a short nap. I looked back at the playing area. I slammed down 5 bucks
on the wooden betting table over player 1. I heard George yell and scream.
2 seconds later the player i bet on won and i won double. Content with my
winnings i screamed over to George to tell him i was going back to the bunk
house. George told me to wait up. We left the barn and ran over to see
where lennie was. We both stopped straight in our tracks we saw something
that almost made us faint.

Chapter II

In front of us stood lennie, he was standing over the slouched curley's
wife and was mumbling "I've done another bad thing..." We asked lennie what
the heck he did. He just stood there looking at us like we were some alien
from a diffrent planet. He just started screaming and ran off in the
distance. I told george we had better tell the gang this. We gonna get our
hides whipped when curley finds out about this. A few minutes later when
curley and the gang came over and saw this he said to george "You fat
Son-of-a-*****" you killed my wife. I'm going to beat the living daylights
outta you. George sensing curley's fustration moved back a few feet. George
stammered " I didn't kill your wife it must've been lennie, The crazy idiot
must've did it. he ran off when we ran to him ", " i don't believe you, you
lying scoundrel's ll' pay for this'". I shook my hand at George to tell him
to run. We suddenly dashed off into the distance. I heard curley yelling at
us but we couldn't hear him in out fear of getting killed.

Chapter III

When we thought we lost curley a few shotgun blast hit the side of a
tree as we dashed past it. We were both frightened as hell, but we kept on
running for our lives. Another 2 shots rang out. As we were running we
spotted a cave on the left hand side of the country road and dove in it.

Chapter IV

Inside the cave was a thin piece of some type of glass. It was glowing
a deep red and looked like it was hollow. i put my hand in and it looked
like it just dissapeared in the glass. I withdrew my hand in fright. I
asked george what it was, he replied with a shrug of his shoulders. We then
heard shotgun blasts again from the outside but this time it was much
closer than the other blast. George said " We better dive in that whatever
it is or we'll get ourselves shot ". With that he dived in the blank void.
I jumped in after him. I saw a huge amount of swirling colours around me
and then it disappeared. I looked at my surroundings. I saw huge metal
boxes in the distance and desert sand all around me. the sun was in the
early east which meant it must be sometime in the morning. I felt a tap on
my shoulder. I whirled around and put my hand around the person's neck. "
Ack. It's me man. George i not no alien." I released my hold. He went on "
Whatever in that place may be ". I started to talk when George interuppted
me. " Let's go and check them place out ". He started to walk, i followed
along. A few hours laters. The metal boxes we had seen earlier were not as
small as before they had rised way over our heads and were huge. We saw
people like ourselves all around the streets walking. Funny thing though
they were wearing funny clothing that seemed to stick to their skins. We
also saw sliding pieces of glasses in the openings of the boxes. We
approached a man standing on the street block carry a funny round object.
We approached him. I asked him " Were's here? ". He replied in a strange
language whichwe couldn't understand. He took out a small black box and
pressed a few buttons. he spoke "Je parle fran...", He looked a bit
agitated and pressed another