Hound Of The Baskervilles

Setting - About 1884-85, most of story takes place at Baskerville
Hall in Devonshire. The introduction and the
conclusion of this classic mystery occur at Sherlock
Holmes\' residence on Baker Street in London.
Plot -
We begin our story on Baker Street where Holmes and Watson talk to James
Mortimer. He gives him the history of the Baskerville family starting with
Hugo, the first victim of the hound, all the way up to the most recent
slaying, of Sir Charles Baskerville. The next of kin is notified and he is
to carry on the family legacy and live his remaining years at Baskerville
hall in Devonshire. Now of course this was the place whereupon Sir Charles
Baskerville was slayed by this vicious hound.
As the story begins to develop, Holmes sends Watson to Devonshire with
Sir Henry to gather information on the recent murder. During his inquires
he came across many figures, there was a Mr. & Miss Stapleton who were
naturalists and also lived on the moor. They portrayed themselves as
brother and sister, but as you will find out later, they were more intimate
than that.
At about this time, a convict escaped who was referred to as "The
Notting Hill Criminal", his real name though was Selden Barrymore.
One night while Watson and Sir Henry were in the Hall, they observed
Mr. Barrymore (the Butler) sending signals through the window using a
candle. Through questioning he divulged that he was really doing a favour
for his wife for the escaped criminal was his brother in-law. Baffled by
this Sir Henry and Watson went to go and arrest this villain, they reached
him in time, but Selden managed to evade the authorities once more.
Through remenents of a letter written to Sir Charles Baskerville prior
to his death, it was written by a Miss Laura Lyons from Coombe Tracey. She
wrote this letter to finance her divorce and seeing how Sir Charles was a
nice man she thought he would agree. The meeting was in Yew Alley in front
of the gate at around 2am. The exact time of the death of Sir Charles.
Coincidence or Set-up?
Eventually along came Sherlock Holmes to aid Watson and ease him of
some of the pressure he had been experience due to Holmes\' absence.
Together they found out that Mr. Stapleton had been feeding a hound out in
the moor. That night they told Sir Henry to take a walk along the moor to
see what happens. There were Holmes and Watson, above on a hill amidst the
dense fog. When all of a sudden a huge Hound revealed itself, Watson fired
one shot and the beat shrieked. The hound started heading towards Sir
Henry, but before it reached him Holmes put 5 rounds into the beast leaving
it dead in it\'s own path of terror.
At the end they had enough evidence to put away Mr. Stapleton away for
a faire chunk of his remaining years. Seeing how all loose ends had been
tied up, the dynamic duo returned to their Humble Baker St. residence and
had a cup of tea.


Sherlock Holmes - Very involved with his work, Brilliant mind, association skills are inhuman. Smokes pipe, wears plad suit, clean-shaven.

Dr. Watson - Can be referred to as Holmes\' sidekick or partner in crime solving. Not as quick as Sherlock but yet brilliant in his actions.

Dr. James Mortimer - Tall, thin man, long nose, grey eyes.
Was Sir Charles\' Physician.

Sir Charles Baskerville - Another victim on the long string of Baskerville slayings.
Elderly man, Heart-Problem.

Sir Henry Baskerville - Small, alert, dark eyes, 30 years old, thick black eyebrows. Current inhabitor of Baskerville Hall.

Mr. Barrymore - Tall, handsome, black beard, pale looking.

Mrs. Eliza Barrymore - Large, impassive, heavy-featured woman.

Mr. Stapleton - Small, slim, clean-shaven, 30-40 years old, wears a straw hat.
Resides at Merripit House. A Naturalist.
Accused of death of Sir Charles Baskerville.

Mrs. Stapleton - Brunette, grey eyes, slim, elegant and tall.
Beautiful woman who Sir Henry soon falls to love.

Mr. Frankland - Elderly man, red faced, white hared. Has a passion for fighting and arguing. Resides at Lafter Hall.

Mrs. Laura Lyons - Hazel hair, hazel eyes, beautiful.
Daughter of Mr. Franklands. Married an artist named Lyons. Resides in Coombe Tracey.

Selden Barrymore - Escaped convict. Accused of murder. Mrs. Barrymore\'s younger brother.

Themes -

1) Man against Nature
(Man against Hound)

Rating -

I would recommend this book highly to the average person. It leaves
you with