Herpes is a virus that forms small sores.

What it does? The stages

Just before the sore appears the skin may have a itching or tingling
feeling. When the sore does appear it "weeps" ,developes scabs, heals then
dissappears. Herpes 2 comes back again and again.


Herpes should be treated by a doctor for many reasons. Treatments are
aimed at easing pain, more so than curing the disease.

How it is spread

Herpes is spread by direct contact with the Herpevirus. A virus inside
the sores. If you touch a sore with any area were the skin is thin, (eyes, mouth
or genitals), the Herpevirus is spread. Herpes can be spread even when the
sore is not visible. Herpes victims with the sore in on place can infect
themselves in others.


The signs of the virus are itching or tingling and sores.