Heart Of Darkness: Themes in Garden of Evil and Heart of Darkness

Independent Novel Study- Theme

Theme: is the central topic or dilema in the story.
The theme directly involves the main character.

The story of the Garden of Evil relates to Heart of Darkness in the way
that the themes are similar. For example the evil that lies within us.

Yes I believe that the statement "Evil is Inherent in the Hearts of
Men" is true. Everybody has evil in them although a restriction would have
to be put on the statement to say that evil is inherent in men but it is
the power to overcome the evil.

The Quest Myth is about an adventure where the adventurer has something
he is looking for or something he has to do that he has not done yet maybe
to prove himself.

2. Heart of Darkness is a very good example of a Quest story. Marlowe is
risking life and limb inorder to fufill his adventure of meeting the
infamous Mr.Kurtz. Along Marlowe\'s journey he meets bands of cannibles that
are ever posing a threat to his life. At the end of Heart of Darkness the
story becomes a Quest of the self. Marlowe is searching deep within himself
to comprehend what he is seeing with Mr.Kurtz and within himself he has to
conquor the evil that could take him over. It is a Quest for Marlowe to
search for his self being.

Independent Novel Study-Style

1. Irony-Occurs when a set of circumstances turn out very differently from
what was expected..
Foreshadowing-Gives the reader a hint to what will happen later in the
Flashback-When they look bac at what they have done before.
Point of View-The point the story is told from.
Imagery-When a sentence or passage gives a good picture as to what is
going on.
Archetype-Struggle, Mans struggle for inner innocence.
Allegory-A story that has a main theme and a hidden moral.
Satire-To make fun of a situation.
Diction-refers to style of writing.

1. Throughout the story you thought Marlowe would find Kurtz and he would
be the intelligent person he thought he was. Then near the end people start
to say that Kurtz is a mad man which is foreshadowing to the end of the

2. The River was the path of his Quest.
Light represents Marlowes inner self and darkness represents the evil
that is in Kurtz.
Kurtz is representing Marlowe\'s Quest.
Ivory represents greed. Which causes the evil.
Rusting equipment represents the type of weather Marlowe is having and the time he has spent on his journey.
Marlowe\'s Boat represents his passion for adventure.

3. The point of view in Heart Of Darkness is told from a first person

4. The atmosphere is very suspenceful. Not knowing what is going to happen

5. Heart of Darkness is an Allegory of an archetypal story because it
shows that you can\'t judge people by their reputation only and it also has
the hidden moral of Marlowe\'s struggle for inner innocence.

6. Conrad\'s diction can be very confusing at times. Conrad seems jump from
back and forth in time. His imagery in the novel however is very good for
example "of feet stamping, of bodies swaying, of eyes rolling, under the
droop of heavy and motionless foliage." (Conrad 62).

Indepndent Novel Study-Character

1. Marlow seems to have a calm, cool temperment. I though he workerd very
well as the narrator of the story. Although the jumping from past and
present made it difficult to sustain a clear image. Other than that the
accounts of what happened are usualy best told by the person involved. For
example the story would lack a lot of detail had it been told by Kurtz or
the Swedish Captain.

2. Kurtz is introduced as a super human being who everyone looks up to
because of his supirior math skills and he is very articulate. He excites
our interest because everybody talks so high of him we want to explore our
image of him.

3. Marlow said Kurtz was "Hollow to the Core" because he did not have
anytime for people who were into slacking on the job and holding little
regard for the company. Everything was strictly by the book with Kurtz. The
statement is true because at the end of the story kutrz does turn out not
to have a heart or soul of goodness.

4. Kurtz was a truely remarkable man because of