Five Days of April: Notes

I. Vital Statistics.
Title: "Five Days of April" Author: Irene Hunt
Publisher: Pacer Books
Place of publication: New York, NY No. of pages.: 188

II. Introduction.
Other books by
author: "The Lottery Rose, "No Promises in the Wind,"
"Up a Road Slowly"
Type of novel: Fiction Setting: 1860's
Place: Southern Illinois

II. Main Characters and Descriptions.
Jethro Boy that grows up from a boy to man during the Civil War.
Ellen Jethro's mother. Ellen is a strong-hearted woman.
Matt Jethro's father. Matt has a strong will.
Jenny Jethro's sister. She is Jethro's companion.
Shadrach Yale Jenny's boyfriend. He would like to mary Jenny
but her father will not let them get married.
Eb Jethro's brother. Joins the war on the North's

Tom Jethro's brother. Joins the war on the South's

IV. Plot.
Central Conflict: The central conflict of this book is Jethro
changing from a boy to a man during the Civil War.
Minor Conflicts: Eb, Jethro's brother, fights the war for the
North's side, while his other brother fights war for the South's side. Their father, Matt,
is generally for the North. Southern Illinois
is divided, and the few people for the North
do not like the fact that Matt allows Tom
to fight for the south.
Resolution: The war ends and the family is brought back together.

V. Style.
Descriptive language: This book is generally southern slang. and
is from an observants point of view.

VI. Theme.
Moral/purpose: The purpose of this book is to portray the life of
Jethro, who grows from boyhood to manhood during
the Civil War.
Significance of title: The Civil War took place on five Aprils,
hence the name.

VI. Evaluation.
1) This book is an intriguing and fluently written book, based upon facts
from family records.

2) Across Five Aprils is an impressive book both as an authentic history
book and a family book.

3) This book, Across Five Aprils, is an excellent book, based on solid
facts. It is a prize to those who take the time to read it.