Robin\'s Trip was a real adventure with many different feelings
including fear, courage, loneliness and love. Robin\'s trip ended up
seeming like a love story between him and Patti, but it was much more.
Robin\'s trip was also a fight with fear. When Robin had great waves hit
the boat, water flowing inboard, and such things as when his mainsail
broke, those were powerful enough to frighten even the most experienced

Courage plays an essential part of the book. Had Robin not had
courage, he may never had finished the trip. Courage was needed mostly
every time he lost a kitten because each one of them shared in the journey
with Robin. Robin wasn\'t the only courageous person, Patti was as
courageous because of the baby she had during the trip going with Robin
even with the chance of labor at any moment. Together they needed courage
to continue going through with the trip without the other.

Loneliness was an obstacle no man can pass alone. This is greater
than fear by so much more. Robin had a tough time coping with it. Others
helped him while he was docked, but when he was out on the ocean, he was
all alone. He considered stopping his journey to be with Patti, and he
would\'ve too if National Geographic hadn\'t stepped in. They offered to
help him pay for a bigger boat in which to sail in.

Robin was very lucky to find Patti and fall in love, had he not found
her, there\'s no telling what loneliness would lead him to. Robin and Patti
grew very close and even had their own marriage by themselves, not legally
at first. There love for eachother was very strong throughout the story.
For Robin to just hear her voice while he was sailing was a godsend. Robin
even bought a two-way radio to enable him to talk to Patti at certain times
in their trips. For Robin and Patti to meat was fate, for between them,
love was the greatest thing as well as a good ending for a tough trip.