Does Romeo Behave Rashly While Juliet Shows Superior Judgement?

I do not totally agree that Romeo behaves rashly while Juliet
shows superior judgement. It does seem as though Romeo is more
confident and quick to make decisions, and Juliet takes her time
and thinks it over first. Both Romeo and Juliet make some good
decisions by showing good judgement but also some mistakes by
acting hastily without thinking.

Juliet behaves in a careful and thoughtful manner in different
stages of the play. An example of this is when Lady Capulet talks
to her about marrying Paris. She declines the offer, "It\'s an
honour that I dream not of." She does not think that she is ready
to marry yet, and has not thought about it. He leaves the option
open and tells her mother that she "will look to like", meaning
she will try and like him but only go as far as her mother wants.
Juliet is not sure if she wants to marry Paris but she will
consider it while she gets to know him.

In other parts of the play Juliet is quite rash and acts
thoughtlessly and very quickly. One example of this is when she
wakes up in the tomb and finds out the Romeo is dead. She refuses
to listen to Friar Lawrence\'s pleas, to leave the tomb and come
with him to a nunnery. Instead she tells him "Go, get thee hence,
for I will not away." She tries to poison herself but there is
none left. When she hears the watch coming she grabs Romeo\'s
dagger and fatally stabs herself. Juliet is so upset she doesn\'t
think and tries to poison herself instead of listening to the
Friar, and in desperation of death, kills herself with the dagger.
Romeo is careful and considerate in some parts of the play. An
example of this is when he tries to convince his friends not to go
to the Capulet ball : "\'tis no wit to go". Another example is when
Juliet confesses her desire to marry him, he goes and speaks to
Friar Lawrence. He explains the difficult situation to the friar
and asks for his help. Romeo acts with forethought on both
occasions. When he tells his friends not to go to the Capulet
ball, he is thinking ahead about the consequences. He is also
cautious about his love for Juliet but when he needs help he is
not afraid to ask.

Romeo also behaves hastily and carelessly on many occasions
throughout the play. An example of this is when his friend
Mercutio is killed while Romeo is trying to stop the fight with
Tybalt. Romeo say "fire-edged fury be my conduct now" and draws on
Tybalt and kills him without thought about the consequences - that
he could be banished from Verona. Another example of his
thoughtless and careless actions is when he hears of Juliet\'s
\'death\' and immediately goes and buys poison from an apothecary,
so he can go to Juliet\'s tomb and kill himself. Romeo was
thoughtless and when Tybalt made him furious he killed him without
thinking about the consequences, it was also irresponsible of him
to buy the poison and to kill himself before he knew the full

Overall, I don\'t think that Juliet shows superior judgement
compared to Romeo, or that Romeo acts rashly and Juliet does not.
Both of them make the mistake of not thinking before they act and
both make some good decisions on different issues. Romeo and
Juliet both show good judgement and bad judgement at different
times. Juliet was probably more thoughtful than Romeo but I think
that their good judgements and rash judgements cancelled each
other out.