Book Report: I Am David

Setting: This story takes place at a concentration camp in
an unmarked part of Europe.

Plot: The old man said to David "you must get away tonight."
David did not like the old man but for some reasons trusted him.
When the guards changed their shifts David made his move. When
David got out of the concentration camp, he ran with as fast as he
good so nobody would catch him. Before he had left the old man
told him he must go to Denmark. Fleeing for the sweetness of
freedom, David must undergo many obstacles such as crossing the sea
and walking over mountains. His biggest difficulty was in
switzerland. He was so close to his destination when he saw some
soldiers looking for him. He had other problems before but not so
great. How would he get out of this one?

Conflict: Weakened by hard labour, cruel slavery and malnutrition,

David has become very skinny. Every night and everyday David hears
the cries of the other prisoners causing him to stay awake during
the long nights which leaves him with bags under eye's. David does
not smile a lot because all he sees in the camp is his friends,
family and other prisoners getting beaten.

Character: In the camp David did not have anyone to teach him
anything until he met Johannes. Johannes taught David different
languages and also to help one another, especially in the camp.
After Johannes was shot David became very much like Johannes.
David became caring, kind and smarter with the languages he had
learned. Any chance David had to do something good he would, for
ex. the time David risked his life to save the girl in the
burning cabin. (I hope I did not give away to much of the book)


One reason I liked the book was because the author gave the
character, David, a positive attitude. David did not have much to
live for (until later on in the book) but still had a desire to
live. Secondly I like the way the author did not make it a happy
ending. I also liked that be reading this book, you did not only
read a fantastic story, but history at the same time. My fourth
reason for liking the book relates to my third reasons, the reason
is you realize since this world was created people try to run
others lives. In David's case that was the soldiers and the
farmer. One thing I did not like about the book was that the
author made the ending go by so quickly, I thought he should of
extended it and add more details.

Likes and Dislikes of The Character:

What I liked about David, the character in the book was
the way he thought of everyone before himself. Secondly I like the
way, even through tough times, he tried to learn something new,
like another language.